Thinking of Switching to EV? Here are Tips to Consider Before You Buy an Electric Vehicle in Australia

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Australia’s roads are buzzing with electric vehicles (EVs). Not only are they kind to the environment because of cleaner air, but the government is also throwing in a helping hand with some sweet financial incentives like from Clean Energy Finance Corporation. Are you also thinking about joining the EV revolution? This guide will guide you about what to look for when buying an EV.

Understanding EV Basics Before Buying It 

Not all electric cars are created equal. Yes, that’s true. Let’s break down the three main types before you decide to buy an EV:

Electric Car Type How it Works Eco-Friendliness
Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Powered by a large battery, plugged in to recharge. No petrol engine. Most Eco-Friendly (Zero tailpipe emissions)
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Combines a battery and petrol engine. It can be plugged in for shorter trips, and the petrol engine will work for longer journeys. Less eco-friendly than BEVs, but cleaner than traditional petrol cars.
Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Uses a battery and petrol engine, but the battery can’t be plugged in. The petrol engine is the main source of power, with the electric motor assisting for better fuel efficiency. Least eco-friendly of the three, as the petrol engine recharges the battery.


This blog will mainly focus on BEVs as they’re the cleanest choice and are becoming increasingly popular in Australia.

How to Find the Perfect EV Matching Your Needs

  • It’s All About Your Lifestyle

Before you jump in and charge ahead, consider your everyday driving habits. How far is your daily commute? Do you often take weekend road trips? BEVs come with a range (distance on a single charge), typically between 250km and 600km, so this factor is important.

  • Choosing the Right Features

Now, think about your car needs. Do you need plenty of space for passengers and cargo? Driving with a sunroof on a sunny day is a must-have?

While some BEVs offer eco-friendliness with a focus on efficiency, others provide impressive performance and luxury features like sunroofs and even towing capacity.

  • Budgeting for the Future

Let’s talk about the price of EVs. While BEVs may have a higher initial cost compared to traditional petrol cars, there are long term savings you should consider.

You’ll be saying goodbye to frequent petrol station visits, and maintenance costs are generally less for electric vehicles. Plus, don’t forget about government incentives like the Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). These incentives help you with the price when buying an EV.

Important  Features to Consider in an Electric Vehicle

Now that you’ve narrowed down your EV options, let’s see the key features to consider:

  • Battery Range and Charging

The advertised range of an EV is like the fuel tank capacity of a petrol car, but with a twist. The real-world range can be affected by factors like weather and driving style. So, while an EV might show a 400km range, you might see slightly less depending on how you drive it.

  • Home Charging and Public Charging Option

There are two main ways to charge your EV. You can charge it at home or public charging stations. Installing a home charger is an easy option, but there are installation costs to consider.

Public charging networks are becoming increasingly popular, offering different charging speeds. Remember, faster charging usually means shorter waiting times but might come at a bit higher cost.

  • Technology and Performance

EVs come packed with cool tech in the market. For example, regenerative braking helps to top up your battery while you drive, extending your range.

Many EVs also come with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) like automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning, making your journey even safer. Speaking of safety, you can be confident that EVs undergo thorough testing to meet the same safety standards as traditional cars.

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BEVs vs Hybrids: Which One to Choose

Not sure if a BEV is the right choice for you? Here’s a quick comparison with hybrids:

Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) offer much more flexibility for longer trips with their petrol engine backup, but their emissions are still higher than BEVs. Regular Hybrids (HEVs) can’t be plugged in and rely mainly on the petrol engine and the electric motor assisting for better fuel efficiency.

If you’re a frequent driver with access to charging and reducing emissions is your top priority, a BEV might be the most eco-friendly choice for your driving.

Tips from Experts for a Smooth EV Buying Experience

Before you finalise the deal, take your shortlisted EV for a test drive. A thorough test drive lets you experience the car’s handling, acceleration, and how it feels to drive an electric vehicle.

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Charging Options

Don’t forget to research home charger installation costs and explore the availability of public charging networks in your area. Knowing how you’ll keep your EV running is important for a smooth transition to electric driving.

Government Incentives

Remember, government incentives for EVs can vary by state. Check out official resources like the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) for the latest details. These incentives can offer big savings on your EV purchase.


Finding the right EV is all about thinking of your needs. Think about range, charging options, features, and, finally, your available budget. The future of driving is electric, and Cash for Cars Sydney always helps you make the switch. 

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