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Do you have a junk car parked in your driveway? Or a totaled vehicle that is too expensive to repair? If this sounds familiar, we can provide FREE car removals Sydney.
CashForCarsSydney is one of the leading second-hand part suppliers and junk car wreckers Sydney.
Call us, for an inventory look-up and find something for every troubled car.

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    Our Damaged Car Wreckers Sydney Will Find It For You!

    Looking For Some Specific Part For Cars?

    Our Damaged Car Wreckers Sydney Will Find It For You!

    Having wrecked more than a dozen different makes and models of vehicles has helped us grow our range of reconditioned spare parts.

    This means that at Cash For Cars Sydney, we have something for every car owner. Our scrap car wreckers Sydney provide quality-tested car parts all across Australia and help vehicle owners achieve a smooth and effortless drive.

    We carry parts for many European, Australian, American, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean vehicles. Our inventory includes spares for passenger, and commercial vehicles.

    Sydney Wreckers – Ready To Buy All Makes And Models Of Cars

    We buy cars Sydney-wide, European autos, American, Japanese, Korean, Australian and more. Here is a list of vehicles we purchased in Smithfield, NSW. 

    Auto Wreckers Sydney – Get All Vehicle Parts Right Here

    Our Sydney auto wreckers make it extremely easy for car owners to find good quality auto parts at a reasonable price. Everything you can ever need to make your car run and look the best can be found with us.

    Here are the parts we carry:

    • Oil Filter
    • Air Filter
    • Drive Belt
    • Cabin Filter
    • Brake Pads And Discs
    • Wheel Speed Sensors
    • Stabilizer Links
    • Ball Joints
    • Control Arm Bushings
    • Shock Absorbers
    • Inner Tie Rods And Tie Rod Ends
    • Spark Plugs
    • O2 Sensors
    • Battery
    • Alternators
    • And more

    Can’t find the part you are looking for? Reach out to us today. It doesn’t matter if it is part of a rare car, Hyundai parts, Toyota spare partsor of a discontinued vehicle. We will ask one of our employees to search for it or use our wide network of suppliers and clients to find it.

    Most Wrecked Car Brands In Sydney By Us


    Lexus cars are a highly sought-after luxury car manufacturer. They are known
    for their classic design, impeccable craftsmanship and their use of cutting-edge

    Top Lexus models include:

    • Lexus ES
    • Lexus RX Crossover
    • Lexus NX

    Our Lexus wreckers Sydney, take all of the usable parts from these Lexus vehicles during the recycling phase. This ensures that almost of the vehicle components are salvaged and reused after our Lexus wreckers are done with the vehicle.


    Hyundai cars have a reputation for reliability, craftsmanship, and quality.
    Each Hyundai vehicle comes with its ‘Five Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty’,
    but what people really look for when buying this car is its design.

    The top unwanted Hyundai we buy include:

    • Hyundai Tucson 
    • Hyundai Elantra
    • Hyundai Santa Fe

    Our Hyundai wreckers in Sydney purchase all sorts of vehicles and pay instant cash for Hyundai up to $9,999, regardless of its model or type. One reason is there is always a high demand for Hyundai second-hand parts in Sydney.


    Toyota vehicles are high-quality and high-value cars that are regarded as the
    best worldwide both in terms of quality and durability. 

    Top Toyota models we buy include:

    • Toyota Hilux 
    • Toyota RAV4
    • Toyota Landcruiser

    Toyota wreckers Sydney knows how valuable each part of the car is. That’s why all of the spare parts we take out of these vehicles are extensively quality tested before they are sold at affordable rates.

    Ready To Sell Your Wrecked Car?

    We cover all areas within the city. Our Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern auto wreckers provide top-notch car recycling services and high-quality spares at fair prices. 

    Don’t let your vehicle depreciate any further; get in touch with us today to get a reliable quote on call. Reach our Blue Mountain wreckers at:

    02 9199 5540

    Safe And Government-Approved Unwanted Auto Wrecking Guaranteed

    Why The Protection Of The Environment Operations Regulation 2014 Is Important And How We are Adapting It To Our Practices

    This regulation was developed to help improve the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ability to protect the environment, human health and improve the infrastructure of the fair waste industry in NSW.

    The scrap metal industry of NSW plays an important role in resource recovery and waste management in NSW. Hence, the standards proposed in this regulation will improve the working processes of scrap metal facilities and protect human health. It will also protect the environment from:

    • Groundwater contamination
    • Water pollution
    • Air pollution
    • Noise pollution
    • Fire risks
    • And more
    Safe And Government-Approved Unwanted Auto Wrecking Guaranteed
    At CashForCarsSydney, we take these regulations very seriously.

    State-Of-The-Art Vehicle  Recycling Facilities

    At CashForCarsSydney, we take car recycling regulations very seriously. That’s why we have adopted the following eco-friendly practices when recycling scrap cars Sydney-wide.

    1. All end-of-life vehicles are processed in a covered area with an appropriate drainage system.
    2. We store the clean and dirty water separately and contaminated water is treated on-site.
    3. Liquid spills and chemicals are disposed of appropriately
    4. Transporting, handling and processing of the scrap metal is done professionally and competently so the vibrations and noise are minimized.
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