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We offer you the easiest and most profitable way to sell your car for cash in Sydney.

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    A Smart Way To Sell Unwanted, Broken Car For Cash Sydney

    With us, there is no need to get through the uncertainty of private sales or the long grueling process of dealerships. We offer customers the fastest route to selling their unwanted cars and earning top cash in return.

    We are a trusted NSW old car buyer that purchases a variety of vehicles from all over the region. Whether you own a sedan, van, bus, truck, 4×4, Ute, tow truck, industrial equipment, hatchback, or any other type of vehicle, we will purchase them all and pay you instantly.

    CashForCarsSydney offers customers a wide variety of payment options. Our most preferred one is paying cash in hand, but we can also pay you via cheque or bank transfer via Osko.
    So, if you are looking for the best place to sell my car for cash Sydney, you have come to the right place.

    Simply fill out our online form and receive an accurate quote within minutes.

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    A Smart Way To Sell Unwanted, Broken Car For Cash Sydney

    More Than A Car Buyer
    Let’s Explore The Benefits Of Selling Your Car For Cash

    We Take Care Of The Paperwork

    Our people will provide you with the necessary documents. All you have to do is sign them.

    Competitive Offers

    We can easily price beat any genuine offers made for your vehicle and pay you highest cash for unwanted cars Sydney.

    Reliable Evaluation

    Our highly trained evaluators will inspect your vehicle within 20 minutes and then make you an offer.

    Professional Car Removal

    No matter the shape, size, or make of the scrap car, our team will arrive with the appropriate tow truck to provide FREE car towing.

    100% Customer Satisfaction

    Our business model is customer-focused. This means that we do our best to satisfy our customers

    24/7 Customer Service

    Whether you have a question, query, or suggestions, our team is available for you to talk to.

    Fill our online form and successfully sell my car for cash Sydney today!

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    We Help You Fill Out All Of The Paperwork

    Most car owners, when they think about selling their unwanted cars for cash, often worry about the paperwork that needs to be submitted. And if you miss out on some document submissions during the transfer you may become eligible for late transfer fee.

    That is why we have a dedicated team available to help you surpass all of the legalities and make a stress free sale.
    Get in touch to sell my car for cash now.

    We Help You Fill Out All Of The Paperwork

    Sell My Car For Cash With A Reliable Businesses In Sydney

    At CashForCarsSydney, we know all the rules and regulations related to car selling in New South Wales. That’s why once you sell your car to us, we will guide you to lodge a Notice of Disposal (NOD) for your unwanted vehicle at ServiceNSW and help you transfer the car’s ownership to us and avoid any late fees.
    If your car has a personalized number plate, our team can direct you to the right authorities to cancel the registration and receive a refund on it.

    To learn more about these procedures, call us today.

    Sell your Disposal Car

    Why sell your car with us?

    We at CashForCarsSydney are here to simplify the process so you can get rid of your old clunker and earn cash up to $9,999. The NSW Government has made the process quite simple.

    1. The buyer needs to transfer the car’s registration to themselves within 14 days of purchase
    2. The seller needs to submit the Notice of Disposal (NOD) as a confirmation that they no longer own the car in question.

    That’s all, but there are some cases in which we cannot fully help you with the paperwork. One of such cases is a vehicle having a personalized number plates.

    If you have a car with a special number plate, you would have to visit the service centre to transfer the registration and it cannot be done by us.

    The reason for it is that when a personalized number plate is transferred, the one on the receiving end takes on all the responsibilities, rights, and annual fees that comes with it.

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