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Sell any and all types of old, wrecked, damaged, written-off, or junk vehicles and get an opportunity to earn instant cash up to $9,999.

Our offerings also include:

  • FREE car removals
  • Prompt online customer support
  • Straightforward processes
  • Professional and trained staff
  • Instant payments via cash or Osko
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    We Help Prevent Vehicle Re-Birthing

    Vehicle re-birthing is an act of using vehicle identifier parts from written-off vehicles in stolen cars to re-identify it. This process is illegal in NSW. One of the major downfalls of vehicle re-birthing is that these cars are badly repaired and can be a safety risk for drivers and passengers alike.

    At CashForCarsSydney, if your vehicle is labeled as a written-off we help you get the paperwork in order and assist you to record your vehicle in the NSW Written-Off Light Vehicle Register (WOLVR).

    This in turn ensures that the registration of the car is canceled. And helps to improve road safety, prevent vehicle theft, and re-birthing incidents.
    To learn more about this visit here.

    How To Sell Your Old Car

    In earlier times, getting rid of an aged car was tough, but now old car buyers Sydney like us are making things easier for everyone owning a broken, unwanted, or scrap car.

    We offer a high payout for a variety of vehicles. This has been our aim from the start, which is to offer customers the most value for cars.

    Our process is extremely simple:

    • Get in touch with us and seek advice from our representative on the value of your car
    • Provide accurate information related to the make, condition, and model of the vehicle
    • The more precise information you provide the more accurate quote you will receive
    • Schedule a removal according to your convenience and our people will arrive on time
    • Let our evaluators inspect the vehicle and accept the offer

    That’s all you have to do to receive instant cash for unwanted cars Sydney up to $9,999.

    Always remember to keep the following documents with you at all times during the car selling process.

    • Identification document is as ID card, Passport, or Driver’s License
    • Vehicle ownership papers or title

    Leading Old Car Buyer Sydney

    If you are looking for a way to sell your old unwanted vehicle, you are in the right place.

    Fast Evaluations

    Our team can provide you with the quickest valuation within minutes. Either call us or fill out our online form to get your quote. No waiting time is necessary.

    Get Easy Payments Online

    We always make our customers the best offer for their vehicles. Whether you own a car, van, bus, or truck, we will purchase them all and pay you instantly without charging any hidden fees.

    Hassle-free Car Removals

    Worried about expensive towing charges? With us, you never have to pay any fees. We provide complimentary old car towing from your office, home, mechanics, highway, or any other location where you parked your car.

    Fill out our online form today. And get an opportunity to sell your vehicle to the most trusted unwanted car buyer Sydney within 24 hours.

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    Let’s Join Hands And Improve The Impact Of ELV On The Environment

    Let’s Join Hands And Improve The Impact Of ELV On The Environment

    End-of-life vehicles are cars that are in their last stages of use. These vehicles lack safety features that are found in newer cars and also don’t have efficient functioning parts which result in toxic fumes getting out into the environment.

    These old cars should be scrapped as quickly as possible. That’s why at Cash For Cars Sydney, has developed a large wrecking facility where these vehicles can be taken apart and used for parts and scrap metal.

    Reusing and recycling these cars can help prevent CO, NO, and other toxic fumes from leaking into the atmosphere. And also prevent toxic liquids from leeching into the ground and contaminating the water supply.

    Sell your vehicle to the best old car buyer Sydney-wide. Call now to book a FREE car removal Sydney.

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