What You Need to Know about Disposing Of Your Vehicle in Sydney

Disposing Of Your Vehicle

Are you wondering what to do when you want to sell your unregistered car? Notice of Disposal is a legal document from VicRoads for transferring and selling a registered car in NSW. 

When you are planning to get rid of an old or used car, it is important to understand what’s involved in the process. That is why Cash for Cars Sydney is here to help you and guide you about the procedure and remove your car safely. 

This blog guides you on how to submit a notice of disposal for a vehicle in NSW. 

How To Dispose Of A Vehicle In NSW

When you want to sell your car for cash, submit the Notice of Disposal at the service Centre or online. If you fail to do so, you will be held responsible for any driving offences or other issues created by the new car owner even after the disposal of your vehicle. 

In rare cases, you may need to submit a paper form rather than lodge a notice of disposal. You have to submit a paper form when you are trying to dispose of a vehicle for an entity or a company. Moreover, you can submit the paper form if you lost your photo card or driver’s license.

You should quickly submit the NOD so that the new buyer can transfer the car’s Rego within 14 days and don’t have to pay the late fee. 

Am I Eligible to Lodge NOD

You can submit and complete the notice of disposal anywhere in NSW unless you have the following issue:

  • Your vehicle registration is conditional
  • You don’t have a Photo card or Driver’s License
  • Your car buyer is a motor dealer interstate and doesn’t have the motor dealer license number for NSW
  • The buyer is located interstate and has a driver’s license for interstate transport
  • You are disposing of the car on behalf of an organization or company

In case you’re unable to submit the notice online, you can submit the paper form via mail or through a Service NSW Centre.

If you want us to do NOD work on your behalf, we offer scrap car removal Sydney.

Documents Required to Submit a Notice of Disposal

  • The NSW Driver License of the buyer
  • The exact date of disposal/sale date
  • NSW registration details of the vehicle
  • The market value or sale price of the car, whichever is higher at the time
  • Your Photo Card or NSW Driver’s License
  • In the case of the dealership: their registered business name and their NSW motor dealer’s license number
  • Optional: a My Service NSW Account

The Process To Sell Or Dispose of A Vehicle With NOD

If you already have a vehicle registration, the first step is to check the eligibility requirements for NOD. After that, click the button for ‘Submit online.’

After pressing the submit button, follow the prompts that appear afterward and complete the disposal notice online. Take a printout of the receipt and send the notice to their email address.

If you cannot submit your NOD online, do the following:

  • Download the Notice of Disposal form – PDF and complete it.
  • Visit the service Centre in NSW and submit the complete NOD in person. Alternatively, you can mail it to Service NSW PO Box 21 Parkes NSW 2870. 

Cash for Cars Sydney makes the process easy by completing the process free of cost, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Tips You Should Know About Lodging NOD

  • You must keep a digital or paper copy of the disposal notice for your personal records.
  • You can find NOD’s paper copy on the car’s Rego certificate’s backside. The label of the copy is ‘Part A Notice of Disposal.’
  • If you sell your vehicle to a car wrecker, you don’t have to submit NOD. Just cancel the car registration and return your number plates to the service Center.
  • You don’t have to submit NOD if your car is a write-off. Cancel its registration, apply for a refund if applicable, and you’ll not be liable for the parking or driving offences of the new owner. 

We make sure that our team completes all the transfer details and instantly notifies Transport for NSW about the car sale. Contact us at 02 9199 5540 for more details about the car towing Sydney process. Our customer service representative will guide you.


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